I create 3D art, produce animation and I love teaching.

This is a place where my work comes together. You can find free resources and scripts to download for your own use, and take a look at my gallery and reel.

I'm passionate about 3D because it lets me be creative. Every day is full of new things to learn and make, and the best part of it is, other people can enjoy what I do.

If you would like to join me on various networks, there's some links below the bottom of this page that will help you find me, and if you would like a copy of my CV, please contact me.

Recent Work


Modelling, rendering and compositing.

Orlox Monologue

Rendering and compositing pipeline design.

Alien's Birthday

Rendering excerise.

Rapid Transport System

Vehicle Design.

Leaking Light

Realism and lighting study.

Jillian's Balloon

Study in foundation rendering.